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Our founding member, Dominick J. Robustelli lived in Orange County for the first 17 years as an attorney. He developed significant friendships and clients from living in Monroe, New York. Mr. Robustelli’s first job after law school was in Stony Point, Rockland County, New York. He worked there for 10 years and developed clients from Stony Point to New City to Suffern in Rockland County. When he later started his own firm in White Plains, New York in 1994, he immediately opened a Monroe office to serve clients from Rockland and Orange Counties.

The Monroe office has served accident victims in Rockland & Orange Counties since 1994. Mr. Robustelli always represented the injured car accident victims and other victims from fall downs (defective raised sidewalks, pot holes) and slip and falls in parking lots. Our branch office in Monroe, New York can accommodate clients for depositions and small enough for clients to fee intimate when making a Last Will & Testament and signing a Health Care Proxy and Decree. All of these services are done by our firm to accommodate accidents victims who then became general clients of our office and bring not only other accident victims to the firm but people purchasing or selling their homes in Orange County.

When Mr. Robustelli first moved to Monroe, New York and worked in Rockland County, he joined and became a member of the Board of Directors of the Lake Region Italian American Association, Inc. He was a member from 1976 to 2004 when the club disbanded. He got to know many people while in this organization, held many of its fundraisers such as the annual Feast in the middle of Monroe. This fundraiser enabled the organization to issue scholarships yearly to high school students of Monroe-Woodbury High School and Washingtonville High School. Through a large contribution to the Monroe-Woodbury High School. These scholarships are still given out today, long after the club ended.. It was through this organization that the base of clientele was formed and continues today. Mr. Robustelli devotes one day a week to Orange County (usually on a Friday) for Monroe clients and is on any day at Supreme Court, Orange County in Goshen, New York handling personal injury cases for accident victims.

Other clientele of the Monroe Office are former neighbors of Mr. Robustelli. For the first 17 years of his career, he lived in Monroe, New York. Many of his neighbors became general clients and when anyone was injured through another parties’ wrongdoings, auto accidents, fall on defective premises, fall in shopping parking lots on pot holes or from snow and ice. Mr. Robustelli has represented some of his original neighbors since 1976 to present. He has had the privilege of representing many of the children of his original neighbors, a second generation of a general practice and when any of them became victims from the wrongdoing of another person, our Monroe office accommodates them.

Mr. Robustelli considers himself fortunate to continue to serve clients in Rockland, Orange , Sullivan & Ulster Counties in our Monroe, New York office located at 581 NY-17M, Building 3, #7 Monroe, NY 10950

Our firm has also represented victims from construction accidents in Orange County over the last 21 years. The firm has represented people injured on a construction site as a result of a violation of Labor Law (scaffold collapse). Our firm recently represented a victim of a young 27 year old iron worker who lived in Sullivan County and was hurt in Dutchess County in Millwood, New York when he was on an iron beam constructing an addition to the Millwood School Science Department. He was 28 – 30 feet on iron beams putting down corrugated steel for the roof when the wind caught the steel panel and he went off the beam and landed two stories down on his head and immediately went into a coma. The case centered on violations of New York Labor Law Sections 200, 240 & 241(b). The claim was that the injured party had no place to tie his safety harness and thus, he and other iron workers did not have their safety harness tied to anything allowed the injured victim to fall to the frozen ground. The victim was in a coma for six weeks, went through physical and mental rehabilitation in Haverstraw, Rockland County, New York and had sustained brain damage. The litigation took seven years and was settled for 3.1 million dollars serving another construction accident victim connected to Sullivan, Dutchess & Rockland Counties and served by our Monroe, Orange County, New York offices.

If you have been a victim of a construction accident in Sullivan, Orange, Ulster, Dutchess and Orange Counties, call the Law Firm of Dominick J. Robustelli & Associates, PLLC at 845 782 9571.

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