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nursing home negligence

As the population of the USA gets older (baby boomers retiring) there are the greatest amount of people in nursing homes that ever before. The National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) notes that between one and two million Americans aged 65 and older have been injured, exploited or otherwise mistreated by someone they depended on for care and protection.

Signs of elder abuse/neglect include physical injuries, pressure marks, broken bones, abrasions, burns and bed sores. Emotional abuse is shown by depression, sudden changes in mood, a change in alertness or withdrawal from usual activities. Injuries from abuse/neglect include bed sores, medical issues left unattended, poor hygiene, loss of weight and financial exploitation resulting in the loss of the elder's financial situation. Further, abuse includes sexual injuries to elderly women in nursing homes resulting in genital injuries.

When relatives are placed in a nursing care facility, the relatives and the elder person expects proper care in a clean environment. You don't expect to leave your relative in a nursing home to be ignored, maltreated and uncared for. Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported in 2008, 91% elder neglect. Nursing homes surveyed were cited for deficiencies and departures from good and accepting nursing care. The National Center on Elder Abuse is defined as "the knowing, intentional or neglect act by a caregiver or other persons that cause harm or serious risk of harm to a vulnerable adult".

The law firm of Dominick J. Robustelli & Associates, PLLC have handled abuse and neglect cases by nursing homes involving bed sores for lack of treatment and for allowing the elder person to fall out of the bed and fracture their legs, arms and hips. We also had a case of lack of supervision of the nursing home while an occupant was at dinner, another occupant punched and threw that elder person on the floor resulting in serious injuries. The nursing home has a duty to supervise their residents so these activities do not occur.

If your loved one has suffered from nursing home neglect, contact the law firm of Dominick J. Robustelli & Associates,PLLC for immediate help and representation.

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