Knee Injuries of All Kinds

knee injury

The knee is a complicated part of your body and because so many moving parts exist in the knee complicated injuries can result. These injures include tears of meniscus, tears of the anterior cruciate ligament, tears of the medical collateral ligament or posterior cruciate ligament. All or most of these tears must be repaired through surgery. Sometimes you sustain more than one injury to the knee and if you have a prior degenerative condition from age or usage, the injury may not be able to be repaired by surgery and an entire knee replacement must be done.

Knee injuries are normally obtained by a banging of the knee, the twisting of the knee or stretching or tearing the tendons in the knee. These injuries occur in automobile accident, trip and fall or slip and fall accidents. The worst of the knee injuries is the tear of the anterior cruciate ligament which stabilizes the knee (prevents side to side movement). If the anterior cruciate ligament is damaged, the knee becomes unstable and can lock, give out or fail to support your body and will normally require extensive surgery and rehabilitation. It is for this reason that the tear of the cruciate ligament is worth more in the eyes of the insurance company and juries.

A less serious knee injury, but painful, is the tear of the meniscus. There are two menisci in each knee, the lateral meniscus on the outside of the knee and the medical meniscus on the inside of the knee. When a twisting or turn motion occurs in the knee, the meniscus (a soft gel rubbery disc) that cushions the knee can tear. The surgical repair is done arthroscopically by putting three holes in the knee and inserting a probe which locates the tear and fixes the tear surgically. The doctor actually sews the meniscus together. This repair is for less invasive then surgery on the anterior cruciate ligament and the rehabilitation is through physical therapy for 6 – 8 weeks is all that maybe needed.

The knee cap is called the patella and can be injured from a bang or inflamed from irritation under the knee cap called chrondromalacia. Knee caps are injured when the knees hit the dashboard in auto accidents or from a fall onto the knee cap or a bang to the knee cap that irritate the tissue under the knee cap.

The law firm of Dominick J. Robustelli & Associates, PLLC presently represents a 50 year old woman who was walking down the front steps of a home and the step had crumbled from salt application. The woman fell twisting her knee, tearing the medical meniscus and tearing the anterior cruciate ligament. Since she was 50, she had degeneration of the knee before the fall. As a result of the tears and the degeneration, a knee replacement of the knee had to be performed. After the knee replacement was done, she was in the hospital for a few days and then sent to an inpatient rehabilitation for two weeks for extensive occupational and physical therapy. She also required physical therapy to continue at home where the visiting nurse service or therapist goes to the patient’s home to continue their knee rehabilitation.

If you have injured you knee in an automobile or motorcycle accident, slip and fall, trip and fall or from a construction accident, our experienced lawyers who have dealt with these injuries for 43 years, will maximize your compensation for pain and suffering, past and future earnings, loss of enjoyment of life and future medical and hospital expenses. Call the law firm of Dominick J. Robustelli & Associates at (914) 288-0800.

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