Burn Injuries

burn injury

The law office of Dominick J. Robustelli & Associates, PLLC has handled many significant burn cases. Juries award the greatest verdicts for burn victims. Everyone knows how painful a small burn that blisters is. When the burns are extensive over several parts of the body, juries can only imagine the pain. Burn victims also suffer psychological injuries as well as the physical injuries. Many burn victims end up with unsightly scars on their body as well as permanent body scars.

Mr. Robustelli’s worse case that he handled was a 40 year old woman who because of a rollover in a GM car, the woman did not have a recognizable face with loss of lips, ears and nose. (She had two straw devices to breathe and had no control over her saliva from her mouth). This was very difficult liability case that was settled for over $1 million.

At present, the law firm of Dominick J. Robustelli & Associates, PLLC is handling a case where a lady in her 50’s was walking in a crosswalk and a car hit her inner leg (calf, resulting in blistering and an open burn wound). The wound would not heal and a special suction machine was used to keep the wound clean and free of infection. The wound eventually healed and she is left with an unsightly scar.

When dealing with liability insurance companies on burn cases, they notice the injured burn victim for a “scar review”. They send an investigator to take photographs and down play the injury. Most insurance companies do not offer enough money in burn cases. They look at the final scar and evaluate the injury without consideration of the pain from the burns and the slow healing and psychological damages.

In dealing with burn victims, the experienced attorney must recognize that their client needs help in obtaining experts to deal with the physical (plastic surgeons) as well as the psychological trauma and the pain and suffering together with recovery for lost wages, medical expenses, and future loss of earnings. (Salespersons appearances are critical to their business).

The law firm of Dominick J. Robustelli & Associates has the experience to effectively gain the maximum recovery in burn cases. If you have suffered a burn injury in the Bronx, Westchester, Rockland, Putnam or Orange Counties call us at (914) 288-0800.

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